Rover-3.4.0 has been released as the official/default version

Rover-3.4.0 has been released as the official/default version available in the ground stations. The binary should be exactly the same as the Rover-3.4.0-rc1 that many of you were kind enough to help test.

Changes are listed in the release notes and also copied below:

  1. Loiter mode for boats
  2. Omni rover support (three wheeled rover with lateral movement)
  3. vision-position-estimate support for use with ROS
  4. Control improvements:
    a) reversing control improvements
    b) ATC_DECEL_MAX allows deceleration to be faster or slower than acceleration
    c) PIVOT_TURN_RATE allows slower pivot turns
    d) turn-rate I-term reset when switching in from manual modes
  5. NMEA Echosounder support for underwater depth monitoring
  6. Bug fixes:
    a) fix forward/back acceleration limiting
    b) MaxsonarI2C driver fix

We have one known issue with Rover-3.4.0 which is that it can make wide turns especially on fast vehicles. We are pushing out Rover-3.4.1-rc1 for beta testing within the next few hours though and I hope that will resolve this issue (and a few others). The idea is that 3.4.0 performs better than 3.3 for the vast majority of users and for those who are negatively affected, we can hopefully get 3.4.1 out in the near future.

So, if you’re a 3.3 user and are using a very fast vehicle, you may want to wait for 3.4.1 before upgrading.

Thanks once again to our beta testers!

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Hello rmackay9!
Mode Loiter does not appear in the ground stations.

hello, which ground station are you using ?

Mission Planner & QGroundcontrol for Android.

It is explained on the wiki here:

You have to set the mode through the full parameter list and the MODEx parameters in Mission Planner.

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Give Mission Planner a little time to catch up to the new Rover mode.

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The magic method to make it appear in Mission Planner is to go to the Flight Data screen and press “Ctrl F”, then push the “Param gen” button, wait 2 or 3 minutes and restart mission planner. As @David_Boulanger says, it’ll appear on it’s own when MP is next updated.

Thanks rmackay9!!! Now everything is fine.

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