Rover-3.2.2-rc1 ready for beta testing

We’ve just released Rover-3.2.2-rc1 for beta testing. It can be loaded using the Mission Planner’s (and perhaps other GCS’s) Install Firmware screen’s “beta firmwares” link.

This release includes just a single small fix:

  • Fix loss of steering control when stopping in Acro and Steering modes

In 3.2.1, the driver loses steering control (the vehicle simply gord straight) in Acro and Steering modes when the vehicle is slowing to a stop (i.e. the driver puts the throttle to mid). It sounds terrible but it went unnoticed because most vehicles slow to a stop quite quickly so it only became obvious when testing a car capable of >10m/s.

All testing and feedback is welcome, especially on boats!

P.S. sorry for not answering many support issues raised in the past couple of weeks, the developer un-conference kept me quite busy. This is actually where we found and fixed this bug.