ROS support compared to PX4

Hi, I’m working on cooperative control of multidomain vehicles, in particular ASV with UAV.
Right now I’m starting to work with UAV (I already made some work with ASV), I build a F450 quad with pixhawk.
Today I made first flight with ArduCopter and was a nice experience.
My goal is to control vehicles using ROS.
So my question is how is the ROS support in arducopter compared to the ROS support on PX4 firmware.


Ardupilot uses mavros for that. What does PX4 use ?


The support is the same as PX4, we are using Mavros as bridge between ROS and MAVLink.
The main difference is that PX4 allow to have external EKF when ArduPilot cannot.

But from a ROS point of view the capacities are the same

Is there a guide to get a real vehicle commanded with ROS? The wiki talk about SITL, but nothing of real vehicles.


No wiki for the moment, but sending command to SITL is the same as on real vehicle.