Roland Mayer's Copter-3.6 issues

This discussion comes from Roland Mayer’s post here in the Copter-3.6-rc3/-rc4 thread.

With ChibiOS relay not working on AUX in combination with Oneshot125 or Dshot on Aux. With Nuttx Relay funktion is ok on Aux in combination with Oneshot125

We think this is probably related to the BRD_PWM_COUNT being incorrectly set. Can you provide a log and/or parameter list?

high vibration on IMU2 (IMU1 and IMU3 look OK)

the IMUs run at different rates so it is possible they will see different vibration levels. To be sure it is not a bug in ChibiOS can you repeat a flight with NuttX?

When RC speed set 50 there is no Oneshot at Aux Port - ESC detected PWM. if I set Servo Rate to 50 Oneshot still available. its not so logic for my understanding because I thought RC_speed ist for IO-out and the new Servo Rate for Aux.

With Dshot motors sound strange, no smooth running like with oneshot125.
I have to revise Dshot Kiss esc behaviour - probably it was related to the RC speed setting was 400

I’ll pass on these DShot items to @tridge who will probably have a better idea of what to check.

Thanks so much for your reply,
PWM count is set to 4 in Nuttx and Chibios. In Nuttx Relay working as expected.
About IMU 2 I don’t think it’s a bug in Chibios because with Nuttx it’s the same or a bit more worse. With Nuttx I did some FFT logging to optimize the Frame and the dampening of Cube. In the FFT first and second IMU seems nearly the same. But there I used the notch filter. I will do some flights with notch enable.

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Ok, Tridge and I dug into this and the issue is the RELAY_PIN1 and RELAY_PIN2 defaults were different between ChibiOS and NuttX. This PR resolves the difference and we will release this with -rc5 in a few days (once Copter-3.5.6-rc1 testing is complete).

For now you can get around the problem by setting:


Thanks for the report!

Hello Randy,
glad to hear the solution for this is coming. Thanks for the fast and nice conversation. I have tried your hint to set relay_pin but I had already set Pin2 to 55 and Ch12_opt to 34. Now I also set Relay1 to 54 but it doesn’t work. But no problem - will wait till next release.
3.6.0-RC3_Chibios_4S_00_Filt-30-15.param (14.4 KB)

Hello Randy,
in my setup Relay Pins not working with RC5. I guess just the standard Parameters changed. I had changed already these settings
also did a load default, Mot PWM on IO, Oneshot, Dshot - nothing

And about the Dshot on the Kiss32a i was a bit too euphoric because on fast roll pitch changes I still hear short crick metallic sound which is not present with Oneshot. Just hovering with Dshot the T-Motor U3 sound is smooth.


Hi Roland,

which board are you using by the way?

He said was a PH2.1 on the initial post. @rmackay9