RoboClaw Solo 60A Motor Controller or recommendation for DC Motor controller

Hey all, I am looking for a DC Motor controller for my Trolling motor on my boat. The Motor is brushed, (roughly 30-40 amp continuous and 50 max amps and the manual can be found here if this helps.

I had read about the RoboClaw Solo 60A Motor Controller and thought that would be perfect however I have one reservation on the Pololu site it says this 12 AWG leads (two for power and two for the motor). This version can supply a continuous 60 A (100 A peak) and operates up to 34 V.

My question is how can it have 12 AWG leads and handle that kind of power?

so in other words this product is looking for a fire? Thanks for your response and confirming. Any suggestions on a driver that can handle about 35-40 amps cont. 50 max as its cutoff by a breaker at 50 amps.