Roboclaw 2x160 A 60VDC motor controller for Rover


I have used a 2x60A 60HVDC motor controller and want to upgrade it to 2x 160A 60 HVDC motor controller from Roboclaw.

I was wondering where do I connect the wires from the Roboclaw motor controller to the Pixhawk autopilot?
At the picture below you can see where my wires are connected to the Autpilot system, but where to connect them on the motor controller? Do I need something else between?

My setup is 4 x 1000W brushed engines (2 pair on each channel).

I guess they should be connected to the C, to S1 and S2?

Looking at the manual at, that looks about correct. As the Cube Orange outputs PWM signals and the Roboclaw S1,S2 inputs appear to be PWM input.

thank you so much! Then I will go for this option.