RNGFND2 Data display? I only see one "sonar"

I’m using a Maxbotics Sonar on the ADC port of my Cube. I have it connected as shown in the wiki. I have a Leddar1 hooked up as my main downward facing rangefinder (works great). I’d like to use the maxbotics as a forward facing sonar, and to display the range somewhere in MP. If possible I’d like to use it for front-facing avoidance. Any idea how to do this? This is an inspection rig, and any help knowing how far away the structure is when you’re shooting pictures would be very helpful.

There’s some info here about enabling object avoidance on Copter. I suspect the key thing is the range finder’s _ORIENT parameter must be set to “0” to indicate that it’s pointing forward. Then the MP’s proximity view can be used.

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Got it! I can see it in the proximity view. The data is definitely incorrect. How do I calibrate it? Is there any way to have the proximity view display in imperial units?

I assume I just use the scaling parameter?

I’m finding the data on this particular unit (which might be a knockoff that came with a flow sensor) to jump from when it reads around 2m (which in reality is closer to 2ft) to 5m abruptly. I have another I can test from a different flow sensor to see if that makes any difference.

For what is worth i have had really bad experience with sonars in general, readings jump all over the place, i just use laser lidars for every application in wich i need a trusty distance reading.

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What’s your favorite lidar to use?

Lately we are using a lightware SF20/C, it is very good, only drawback is that they advertise it for up to 100 meters but in real application is good up to no more than 60 meters.
If you need a lidar that really goes up to 100+ meters we are using SF11/C with very good results.

Be aware that in fog, even if it is not too heavy, they are not usable.