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RM3100 External Compass

Is the RM3100 compass supported yet? If so anybody using it?


@rmackay9 Sorry to tag you but have a feeling you are the only one that can answer my question.

I would like very much to test it together with the new ZED-F9P based RTK GPS from Drotek that i think doesn’t have compass.


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You can always check out the master on github. If you do so, you can see yourself that Rm3100 support was added to master a month ago.

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Thank you.

Actually i looked at it and saw something about 3100 but i was not sure.

Does that mean itis included in latest beta or in 3.7 dev?

Only in 3.7 dev, I don’t think that it will be backported to 3.6

Thank you, very much.

I just set up an RM3100 and it does not work. Apparently the newly released driver is broken. There are pull requests on github

Is there a quantifiable benefits on real world use of RM3100 over a AK09916 for example?

Tested it on 3.7 dev?

@khancyr might have a good idea as to the state of the driver.

Yes, does not enumerate

The driver is working well, it just need my pr to add the probing on I2C. I will try to ping other to get it merged in master.


That’s what I’m trying to discover, I’ll let you know when the driver for the 3100 is fixed

Cheers, RB

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I know this is in the copter section but usually if one driver is in copter its in plane, I was unable to locate it in the arduplane code, is this supported in plane yet, and if so is this in the latest dev or stable for plane?

Sorry I struggle with github!

I copied your changes to master and uploaded to one of my multi-rotors. All went well and the RM3100 enumerates and calibrates. I have included a log of the first flight with in-flight compass calibration.
Hope this helps to get it merged into master.

Cheers, RB

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How do you have this compass wired? Would you care to share?

It’s a Drotek unit and comes in a small case with i2c jstgh connector. Very well done device. I haven’t had the chance to do more than a short test flight and in-flight compass calibration but so far looks very promising, tight calibration off-sets.

Cheers, RB

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Thanks I will see this week to have the support on master

Wich one of the three compasses is the 3100 in the logs?

First compass, it was a quick test flight in my backyard just to get an initial calibration. I will do more testing today.

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