RLL2SRV_RMAX and roll rate limit in plane mode

Is there any way to limit the roll rate (deg/s) rotation in auto mode for the plane auto flight modes? I’m trying to make my plane fly more gentle and smooth and not to have the current quick roll rate velocity and acceleration. My PID plane tuning is quite good. I started by limiting the max bank angle to 30º but it still uses aggressively the ailerons to go from 30º to -30º in roll turns. I would prefer to give more bank angle but in a more soft way and I don’t see it possible from the RLL2SRV parameters.

Apparently there is just the RLL2SRV_RMAX parameter for that but its description in the documentation says “Maximum roll rate that the roll controller demands (degrees/sec) in ACRO mode.” so, apparently it just might work in acro mode. I tried to set this from 60 down to 30 deg/s and the desired roll attitude change doesn’t seem to be that slow and there is no other better way to track the roll rate in plane mode from the logs.

I could set a looser PID behavior instead to achieve more gentle and smooth/soft turns and flight maneuvers from the roll attitude but the desired roll attitude would still be quick and fast.

Thank you.

I did some change over those two parameters:

NAVL1_PERIOD - lower the number will give more aggressiveness in turns
as well as

This two makes a bit smoothy airplane turns, but does not answering 100% of your question.

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Thank you for your response, I didn’t thought about the NAVL1 parameters, maybe it is an other indirect way to achieve it. I will give it a try.

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