RLL2SRV_RMAX and PTCH2SRV_RMAX_UP documentation doesn't match behavior

The documentation for the parameters PTCH2SRV_RMAX_UP and RLL2SRV_RMAX say

Maximum pitch up rate that the pitch controller demands (degrees/sec) in ACRO mode.


Maximum roll rate that the roll controller demands (degrees/sec) in ACRO mode.

respectively. However IRL flying and a SITL shows that these maximum demanded pitch and roll rates only apply in a stabilized mode like FBWA or an automatic mode like AUTO and RTL. During ACRO mode ACRO_PITCH_RATE and ACRO_ROLL_RATE limit the demanded rotation rates, and can even be used to make the maximum rate slower than in the automatic modes.
This is almost certainly the intended behavior and it’s the documentation that’s wrong, however I found at least one thread where the incorrect documentation misled the questioner and prevented them from solving their problem.

The documentation has existed in this state since at least 4.0.6, though I haven’t yet checked to see if the behavior similarly differs in the older version.

I’m posting this to make sure that it’s the documentation that’s wrong, not the behavior, before submitting an edit to the documentation.

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That’s my question too. It looks like the documentation has been updated:

This sets the maximum roll rate that the attitude controller will demand (degrees/sec) in angle stabilized modes.