RFD900x TXMOD Settings lost after each reboot + can't setup Telemetry on RC via S.PORT

I’ve connected RFD900x to Cube orange Telemetry1 port RX TX, telemetry works fine, but i can’t get RC working via S.PORT…
First i’ve connected 15pin to telemetry 2 rx and enabled S.PORT on it, but that doesn’t work (On RC PPM output is set for external module) also tried to set GPI1_1R/CIN on TX and GPI1_1R/COUT on rx.

Only way i get it to work is to set S.BUS output in RC and connect pin 15 to RCIN and set this parameters:

Rc channels started to work fine (but without telemetry on RC). But after turning off/on RC those settings reverts and i have to set them again to start RC working again…

Any ideas how to solve that?
Version 2.8.0 TXMOD V2

First have a check over this. Be aware the Max Window value that I specify is linked to baud rate, so if you dont change baud rate then dont change the Max Window.
Your frequencies shown there (and number of channels) indicate an RFD868 pair of modems - the baud rate will be more limited than what I’ve indicated in that guide for 900 modems.
I’m wondering if only one channel is the issue :thinking:

Yes, that’s 868 modem…