RFD 900x / 868x frequency

Is it possible to change the frequency in RFD 900 / 868x modem, for example from 900mhz to 868mhz?
I took the RFD 868x out of TXMOD and found it had 900mhz firmware. This happened after installing new software.

I’m pretty sure there is an undocumented AT command to change the ‘frequency type’, since this is also the case for SiK telemetry (ATS16=67 is 433 Mhz for example).
See what happened to me when I updated the firmware to 3.56 on an RFD868x inside a TXMod V1 (flashed from the web interface with the file “RFDTxMod-v1_spiffs356.bin”).
I now own a beautiful and forever unusable RFD842x! :rofl:
I have already emailed technical support but they do not reply, top assistance.
I would not recommend buying these modules to anyone if this is what the support is like if something happens with a simple firmware update.
I have opened two tickets on their site about this problem and have had no reply.
Either they have closed down their business or they are not interested in providing any support.

I wanted know whether RFD900 telemetry module supports MAVLINK or not

@SAIKIRAN_VILLA welcome to the community,

Yes, RFDesigns RFD900 telemetry modules support MavLink.

In Telemetry module, what is the concept of NetID and use of it?
How to configure NetID and how to receive the data from the telemetry transmitter when the NetID’s of both telemetry transmitter and receiver are different? (using Pymavlink) what need to change in the pymavlink code such that data received to be printed in the terminal irrespective of NetID?

You are confusing things. All telemetry must run on the same NetID.
Each ArduCopter firmware will have a different SYS_ID parameter value.
The GCS will be able to see all individual vehicles and understand the traffic.

I wanted to know is it possible to receive the data when NetID’s of both telemetry transmitter and receiver are different? Is there any way?

The NetID is what the telemetry radios (hardware) use to identify each other and must be the same for each radio.
So you can have one pair of radios on NetID 68 (for example)
and one pair of radios on NetID 171
and they will not interact with each other or interfere.

The SYD_ID in arducopter firmware is a similar concept but for the software, so different vehicles can be used at once and not all appear to be the same vehicle to the groundstation.
And you can limit your groundstation to only interact with one particular vehicle, for example.

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Like what i wanted is
Irrespective of NetID I need to receive data from the drone. For this how to flash the SIK Radio firmware and how to and what to change in firmware so that i can achieve above mentioned problem?

What exactly is your problem?
What radios do you have?
Can you get the telemetry radios linked with a solid link LED?

HMTRP 915MHz telemetry modules I have.
My problem is I need to receive the data (when HMTRP telemetry modules are connected) When NetID’s of connected telemetry modules are different, Irrespective of NetID. For this to happen, I need to change something in SiK radio firmware code. I am not understanding what to understand in SiK firmware code.
My Guide said like this.

Different netIds between transmitter and receiver will never work. These ID are used to seperate different messages, protocols and systems working on the same frequency.

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that means there is no chance on receiving data atleast Irrespective of NetID’s also.

I need to receive all the drone’s transmitting data into my system which is irrespective of NetID as per my guide’s intention.

I don’t will say that there is absolutly no possibility. With the right equipment to anlayse radio communication and detailed knowledge of the protocols most is possible.
But why you need the transfer irrespective of the NetID ?

The RFD radios have a multipoint version of their firmware that would allow this

Ensure you have a different SYD_ID set in each vehicle.


So far i see @SAIKIRAN_VILLA is not talking about rfdesign modules.

Yes, true. But as far as I know there is no multipoint firmware for standard Sik radios - only the RFD radios.
So you can either have a ground radio for every vehicle out there, or you can get RFD radios.

that means only RFD radios has capability of receiving data irrespective of NetID right? and SiK radios don’t had that capability

No, RFD multipoint requires one NetID for all modules in the network and unique NodeID for each radio in the network.

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How to retrieve NetID of drone transmitter telemetry module and how to scan the transmitter telemetry module(at the drone side) netid’s and if there is a match with the receiver telemetry module(at the ground station side) netid then i need to receive the mavlink data. I need sample Python script on this.

anyone please help me in this issue