RevoMini with I2C and SD card supported

Have AP 4.1.7 working on RevoMini with I2C and SD card here.

But now I found, that in 4.3.0dev there is an add., which combines I2C and SD card support.
Just build the firmware with AP 4.2.2 and this and on my delta test rig seems to work fine …

I know, that the RevoMini is out of production and I don’t know, how many are still around. But in my eyes, that FC is ideal for small airplanes, I my self have four of those. :wink:

Two remarks - might be helpful, if the wiring information on
could be added for those add. features on RevoMini and the SC card adapter shown is a bit misleading. You have to use a SD micro card adapter capable 5V!

Modified adapter with 662K LDO.

br KH