Reversed Yaw, Roll and Pitch


I upgraded my Copter firmware to v4.2.1 and re-calibrated the initial setup parameters (Accel, Mag, Radio, etc).
To ARM my copter I usually press the ARM LED and move the throttle stick of my controller to the bottom right. This didn’t work. It didn’t work this time.
When I moved it to the bottom left - it armed successfully!

Despite the reverse - I decided to take-off anyway.
While in the air I noticed that ALL the controls except the throttle (Yaw , Roll , Pitch) were reversed.

After a few minutes of flying I safely landed the copter and started to investigate:

  1. The sticks on my DX6i weren’t reversed.
  2. The parameter list in the mission planner didn’t should Channels reversal either.
  3. The Mission Planner HUD was correctly oriented - It showed the correct orientation at all of the positions I tilted my copter.

So what cause the reversal ?

Hey, I have this issue too though only with CH2 - Elevator / Pitch. Hoping to understand what this is honestly since the accelerometer and everything else seemed perfect in my craft too except the pitch was reversed for some reason.

This is common. Invert Chan 2 on the Transmitter.

I think the default for most setups results in a “video game” style pitch control. I asked Josh about it once, and he said as much. Just reverse the pitch channel on the transmitter, and expect to do so on most quad builds.

I can’t explain why a firmware update would end up reversing control, but it should be the same fix for the affected channels.

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That’s fine. I’ve already reversed it. I just don’t see why something like this would happen when everything else is working perfectly fine.

As I mentioned - in my case it’s not just the pitch, it’s Yaw and Roll as well.
I would at least expect to see the reversal manifest itself in some kind of parameter.

@shaiko when you look at the RC calibration page does it show all the sticks going the correct directions?

Do as geofranics says check the direction are correct in MP and on your TX.

Are you saying using the same firmware and RC TX setup upon an upgrade the channels reversed direction? (Did you accidentally change to a different model in your TX which has channels reversed?)

That sounds highly unlikely to occur without loads of others seeing it before now… But things are possible.

Whenever you have an issue please along with the description include a BIN log!
Even better if you have a log from right before the upgrade include that too!