Reversed Roll Movement and GPS is not working properly

Hi guys, I have Pixhawk Cube Orange and Here3 GNSS(GPS). After setup, Mission Planner shows REVERSED roll movement as shown in below. Other movements are right. Also, GPS is not working properly. For example, pixhawk does not move but GPS is moving around. Any idea?

That’s actually correct; if the plane banks right, the horizon tilts left.
And your GPS location will not be reliable indoors, both position and velocity readings should settle down when it has a clear view of the sky.


Oh sorry, it’s my bad. So, one more question. GPS location works fine in Tutorials. They work really fine. But our GPS shows for 1-2 km far from us. Is it also fine?

I don’t know what tutorials you’re talking about, but your GPS location should be accurate to within a few meters if it’s working well enough to arm and fly in auto modes.

I’m indoors right now and the GPS shows the drone goes about 1-2km and back. I have watched Painless360’s tutorials but I mean our GPS is moving always and not accurate.

You’ve answered your own question.

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I just wanted to learn if that is normal or not because it doesn’t seem normal according to the videos that I watched. I will try tomorrow in the field. Thanks for your reply.

Yes, it is normal, you need to go outdoors to properly evaluate your GPS precision.

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