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Reverse channel input - set in parameter list has no effect (do not reverse)

(Peter Weichhart) #1

As in my Topic described: I reversed in the parameter list the channel input of (e.g. channel 2+3 to reverse)

After restart of the controller (Pixhawk 2.1 Cube), it has no effect. The channel is not reversed!

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

(Amilcar Lucas) #2

What FW version are you using? What RC protocol, how is it connected?

(Peter Weichhart) #3

I am using Mission Planner 1.3.66 with the following FW:


It is connected as following: Joystick (PWM) is going into a PWM to PPM Signal Converter. From the Signal converter the PPM Signal is going into the Pixhawk 2,1. All is working fine in Radio Setup (also the two channels which I like to reverse). Also the calibration was successful. Min and Max is fine, just the reverse is not working.

I hope I got your questions and answered all of them

(Peter Weichhart) #4

What ever I am trying: Still the same! I am running now firmware 3.6.9 but same problem

(...) #5

Why not just reverse the channel at the transmitter?

(Peter Weichhart) #6

Because my RC do not have this function (It is a self made one)

(Peter Hall) #7

how are you testing?, the green bar things on MP radio input page seem to sometimes ignore the reverse parameters

(Peter Weichhart) #8

I am testing with the green bars in MP. I will check it tonight. Thanks

(Peter Weichhart) #9

Seems like you are right. Because I have another issue posted regarding the arming process. Instead of arming it starts compass calibration. But of course it is doing it because I move the throttle in the wrong direction (because I thought it is not reversed. I will confirm in the evening, but I am 99,9% sure the problem is solved. Thank you so much

(Peter Hall) #10

np, first think would be to update mission planer, next try with QGC

(Peter Weichhart) #11

Thanks Peter! You are right. Solved with your advice!!! Thank you so much!!!

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