Resume mission after the interrupt from last waypoint

Hi, we are using Pixhawk 2 with Tricopter platform drones.

However while we are performing mission with survey grid navigation, we get the test to change the flight mode to Loiter to move out from the navigation but, after the resume the mission, the drone went to next way point directly so, the photographs for survey could not completed. Is there any command let the drone start over from last way point when operator resume the mission? We are using GCS as mission planner. (What if it is capable via QGroundControl, please let me know.)

Many Thanks.


Have you tried using the “Go To Waypoint” command before resorting your mission?
You can tell the drone to go to the previous waypoint.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your comment. During the checking the command, within flight data screen of Mission Planner, we could not found the command with right click unfortunately. However, instead of it, we found the following one in action tab. Could you advise me that the menu can be act as command regarding to Waypoint? as you advised?

waypoint capture

Thank you very much for your help.


The command in the Action tab was the one I was referring to.
In APM Planner its called ‘go to waypoint’ in Mission Planner as you found it is “set WP”

Thank you so much.

I will try this one.