Restored watchdog home. AK09916: Reset Failed

Had an issue flying 3.6.11 on a CubeBlack copter.

Flight log:

Message on mission planner:

Restored watchdog home
AK09916: Reset Failed

Has someone else had this ?

Yes, and on multiple Black Cubes.
I could only clear them by loading Plane, doing some configuring in Plane with parameter saves, then loading Copter back.

There’s a recent fix in master regarding AK09916:

commit 1fe146c4092cd810b179ca0c1744c233cdb8c649
Author: Andrew Tridgell
Date: Wed Oct 30 15:21:07 2019 +1100

AP_Compass: remove expected error

this happens with AK09916 probing on invensense sensor

APMVERSION: ArduCopter V4.0.0-dev