Resources for developing SiK radio link but with NRF24 modules

Hi, I am trying to develop some open source firmware for a telemetry radio that acts like a SiK radio but with NRF24 modules but am having trouble finding resources about mavlink, inparticulair what mission planner is sending and recieving in terms of mavlink protocol. My plan is to use arduino nanos to handle the forwarding of mavlink messages from the UART to the SPI interface which would be connected to the NRF modules. The nano connected to the plane/copter will be directly connected to the UART on the flight controller where as the ground station nano will be using the RTL232 converter on the arduino nano to convert UART to USB. Any resources about how to interface with mission planner or any tools that might help with the development would be appriciated.

You need to use pymavlink and the C or C++ code it generates

Or you just build a serial bridge like here: Simple ESP Telemetry Serial Bridges

Thanks, I’ll definitely look into that! From the looks of the readme it acts as a CLI tool for generating mavlink packets?

I had look into the esp8266 telemetry firmware before and it definitely helped with the plane/copter side of the mavlink protocol. The reason I want to use the NRF modules is I want to use the power amplifier module that will hopefully give a bit more range then the esp boards (also dont mind doing it for a bit of fun/learning as well :slight_smile: ).

Do you plan to inject RADIO or any other messages into the stream? If not then I guess you don’t even need to parse the MAVLink frames and could just transfer bytes.

It generates the header files and some helper functions to allow you to easily integrate MAVLink into your project. Typically you also have to provide the message definition file which defines the messages your project will be able to understand. Also have a look here: Generate MAVLink Libraries · MAVLink Developer Guide

Yeah thats true, Im not planning on injecting any additional radio messages into the stream, just purely forwarding it from the computer to the flight controller. Ive got a Sik radio around the place, I might see if they just forward bytes as well since that will make the development a lot easier.