Requesting help: Relay Control Issue

I am currently attempting to power a 12V electromagnet using a relay switch linked below. the relay is powered by the drone PDB 12V source and a signal wire connected to the Aux5 port on the Pixhawk cube. I am running into an issue where the relay indicates that it is receiving a signal, but the electromagnet is not receiving current. I have been able to activate the electromagnet very inconsistently and cannot pinpoint the issue.

I have tried to configure the aux5 port as relay0 as seen here: Relay Switch — Copter documentation ( and have also tried configuring as a camera shutter here: Camera Shutter Configuration — Copter documentation (

If there is any additional information needed, please let me know. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Relay link: RC Remote Controlled AUX on/Off Electronic Switch Relay for Car Truck Boat LED Light Drone (4A) : Toys & Games