Requesting for Dataflash Logs


It’s my first time posting on this forum so please correct me if I am not following the community guidelines.

At the moment i’m working on a Thesis project for uni and I am in need for dataflash logs about power.

I’m lacking the tools to record this data myself and limited by the restrictions of COVID-19. I was wondering if anyone could provide some of their old .bin files that has data on CURR (and any other features) recorded for me to work on?

I am trying to implement a machine learning algorithm to better work on power management. Happy to show you if you ask!


Thanks Mallikarjin ! Just reading your data and just want to confirm, are you using a 4 Cel 14.8V LiPo here?

Hey Anthony,

Here is a log from a VTOL. I think this log contains three flights.

I am using a MAUCH 200 Amp Power Module.

17000 6S battery.


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Hey @Anthony_Leung
Yes. 4S LiPo.

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@skyveyor Appreciate it a lot David! Thank you

Happy to help. Please let me know if you need any additional information.

Good luck!


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