Request for missing features on the Pixracer boards


I have been working with Randy to clear up some of the remaining issues that pertain to ArduPilot native support on the Pixracer (FMUv4) boards.

So far we have or are working on:

  • Improving ESC calibration
  • Enabling on-board LED functionality
  • Improving on-board Magnetometer performance

Please reply to this topic if you know of any missing or sub-par behaviors while using ArduPilot of a Pixracer.

Thank you in advance!

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Philip: what about the new board? is the same code as pixracer? sorry the offtopic.

Iā€™m using PixRacer Copter V3.4.4. RGB LED on the board working? For me flashing only when load new software. Then do not call, did not even blink!

The features I mention are being worked on for the 3.5 release. I am asking everyone if there are other deficiencies that I am missing besides the 3 I listed?