Request for logging option to *not* erase old logs unless explicitly triggered

Not sure if this is the right place for this, but I couldn’t find anything obviously better.

I have a flight controller that only has 16MB of dataflash for logging. Even with logging rates turned down, eventually it will fill up. On several occasions when changing batteries to fly some more I’ve had logs get erased, presumably because the dataflash area was full.

Usually I do my tuning flights (autotune, testing roll/pitch rates, testing TECS parameters, etc.) on my first flight when I’m sure the logging area is empty. I would like an option to preserve those logs no matter what else I do that day. In other words, I do not want those logs erased unless I explicitly trigger it through my ground control software.

I suspect I’m not the only one who would benefit from something like this. I can put some of the logging on a switch, but even then there is a risk that eventually the dataflash will fill up and be accidentally erased.


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How about a prearm check that would prevent arming if there was is less than X free space?
Since most accidents and malfunctions happen bear the end of the flight it is best to have that part logged.

PS if you are not to RAM limited you could try using Lua for that.

That’s exactly what I don’t want

This is for enjoyment only on a sub-250g plane with no wireless telemetry. I want to be able to do my tuning flights to gather data for 20min or so then fly for fun for another 40 minutes, then take it home and analyze the data.

I don’t want to be forced to dump the dataflash logs in the field, since that involves plugging in the USB breakout board to the F405-WMN, then plugging the plane into a USB-OTG adapter with a battery bank (since I don’t want the camera or VTX transmitter on and cooking themselves) then connecting that to a tablet or phone and taking a substantial amount of time to dump the logs.

If the dataflash is full I just want to ignore the warnings and go fly but not erase the precious tuning information in the stored dataflash logs.

Later on once it’s all tuned up then it would probably make sense to change the settings to prioritize the logs from the most recent flight. But not while I’m still tuning.