Request for Arducopter V3.6.2 stable firmware

Greetings, i am facing an issue with the latest stable release, V3.6.4 with the forward obstacle avoidance sensor (TFmini). It can detect and proximity values are very accurate however it simply don’t want to stop. The params I am using is proven to work with V3.6.2 however i cant find it anymore even in the arducopter firmware site.

Would really appricieate if someone can upload the .apj firmware file here.

Thanks and cheers to a great weekend.

Choose which board You need

Thanks! That was a great help!

ill put this here in case anyone else needs,
Do not just right click on the “firmwares” and attempt saving as from there. you will just get an error message when trying to install the firmware.

something like this :
Error loading firmware file
System.Exception: Could not find token at index 4
at fastJSON.JsonParser.NextTokenCore() in c:\Users\michael\source\Repos\MissionPlanner\ExtLibs\px4uploader\FastJSON\JsonParser.cs:line 435.

you will need to click into whichever firmware you want, note the Raw button on the top. The important part is to right-click on the “Raw” button and save the link as a file in order to download the file properly.

went through some stupid head scratching before i found this…