Replacment batterys?

Anyone know the best place for replacment batterys ?

I did buy some cheap ones of eBay. Tho they was junk . A couple didn’t hold a charge and ones that did i got 2mins flight time if i was lucky. Checked skyrocket and they do not list the 1200mah batterys.

Any recommendations would be great thanks.

Every now and then you can find them at Walmart for about $9.99. I snatched up several of them.

Here’s the link

But they are out of stock…Par for course for SV replacement parts.

Thanks tho I should of mentioned I’m in the UK. We don’t have WalMart in the uk unfortunately.

Says they are in stock here

@lordneeko Thanks fella just ordered two. Would of ordered a couple more but delivery to uk was almost same cost as the batterys lol.

Any place can get it under $9.99 with stock?

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Ordered these . . . I’ll update when & if they arrive and flight test.
Looks like a good deal for 4 batteries and a group charger.
The JST connectors should plug right in to the SV.

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20- characters

Those are very similar to the ones I bought of eBay.
Hope you have better luck than I did. I had two that wouldn’t hold a charge and two that lasted around two mins, if i was lucky. I also found the connector was just slightly different and wouldn’t fit. So ended up with this set up…

These are the ones i purchased.

Do the connectors on the ones you purchased plug into the SV?

Check my comment before the battery link comment.

It’s sad we’re having to find 3rd party batteries, motors, and gears for a product less than 6 months old…

I must admit the after sales care from skyrocket is majorly disappointing. Which does let down a great product.

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Interesting as I stopped at Wally World after breakfast this morning and they had no SV drones but an entire sleeve of the 1200mah batteries. Grabbed two.

This is a modified smartphone bat that I attempted to use on the SV. Only flew briefly and only 4-5 ft altitude.
Any ideas why, besides the fact I bypassed the cell battery control circuitry? I have others to experiment with.

Those batteries aren’t high output. They are designed for a sleepover and steady discharge. It’s also only 3.8v. the SV batteries are 4.4v. So at 3.8 you’re already on the edge of not having enough power

Got it . . . will continue to use for bench testing.

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