Repeat Autotune - consideration of state of battery charge

Encouraged by help from several here I decided to do a repeated autotune - to see if I would achieve improvements on subsequent autotunes.

I neglected to consider the impact of battery charge state.

While I was pleased that I was able to complete two 3-axis autotunes on a single charge, I have the feeling that the second autotune is ineffective as it started with the battery on about a 75% charge.

Below are the mavlink messages with the autotune results. Does this suggest that my hunch is correct - and that I should do repeat autotunes all on fresh batteries?

How was the flight behaviour with same 2 times autotune, can you feel any significant change?

I didn’t conduct a test.

What I noticed was on the first autotune with the fresh battery, that PID’s were higher than the second autotune with the battery at about 75%.

To be able to tell the difference I need to do two autotunes with fresh batteries.

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oh I see, ok now i understood

The Copter 4.3 auto-tune has generated some unexpected results for me. You might want to look at this too.