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'Remove Before Flight' red strap in place of the safety switch? Any interest?

Is anyone interested in helping me implement a red “Remove Before Flight” strap in place of the safety switch? Or maybe as a redundant safety mechanism to the safety switch? Basically the opposite of a car key.

Ideal behavior:
-“Remove before flight” strap is installed = vehicle is immediately disarmed and set to ‘safe’ state
-"Remove before flight strap is removed = vehicle is set to ‘unsafe’ state and is free to arm

If implemented as a redundant safety, the arming procedure could look like this:

  1. Remove safety strap
  2. press safety switch
  3. arm vehicle

Ive started a thread over in the copter forum:
“Remove before flight” Red strap as safety switch

This could provide a visual safety measure that is immediately identifiable from several feet away as well as a further assurance that the vehicle is safe while working on or near it.

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Hi there!

I use ardupilot for an automated boat. I would be interested in the feature of having a redundant safety strap and an arm switch.

This can be done by Button, see the BTN_ params.

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Wow. Buttons are button inputs are a really tight feature! I wish I know they existed.

Thanks for the link to the documentation!

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