RemoteID modules?

So from what I’m reading, the remoteID requirement went into effect four months ago. I searched but can’t find any. Are there any RemoteID modules available from any vendor yet? Not saying I like the idea but I like the idea of getting arrested for flying my drone(s) less. I did contribute a couple hundred bucks to the lawsuit effort… in the meantime: Is it possible to comply with the law at this point (other than by flying dji premade drones)? If so, where can I get the modules?

The FAA rules have been published. The effective dates are still a little ways off.
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I would expect uAvionics to have a product out in time for when RID will be required.

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Thanks so much for making me re-read the remote_ID rule! The remoteID rules went into effect March 16, 2021, however it gives us operators a 30 month “grace period.” So it doesn’t really go into effect until September 16, 2023. That should be plenty of time for the lawsuit to help us get some more reasonable rules written!

Here I was thinking it was all doom and gloom.

Thanks again, seriously! I’d been avoiding flying my drones because of the rule.

As for that patent… they patented something that the FAA laid out all the technical details for and DJI claims to have on their drones? It’s no wonder that USPTO has such a poor reputation.