Remote Control SIgnal not stable

Hi all,

within the first flights of a newly built copter, I had the problem of occasional twitches in the roll-axis. Therefore, I performed a test where I turned everything on and recorded all parameters over more than 13 hours. And the results are indeed astonishing. Here is a plot:

It seems like the first channel of the remote control is going crazy fluctuating from 1500 to 1360. Channel 2 changes from 1494 to 1495 very often which I guess would have no effect while flying. All other channels are solid constant.
All this is about a FrSky Taranis X9D Plus 2019 with X8R receiver.

Does someone have similar experience? What else can I do to find out if it’s a problem with the transmitter or the receiver?

Thanks for any help!

13 hours! Wow. Did you double check your flight logs to see if the twitches you see in the roll axis correlate with the RC1 input?

Channel 2 is fine. 1494 to 1495 is nothing. That’s what RC dead band settings are for.

Channel 1. I’ve never tracked a radio’s output for this long so I can’t say if this is normal or not. But I’m going to guess that it isn’t. Try and verify with the monitor on the radio that what you’re seeing on the FC is what the radio is doing. If you’re seeing ~1420 on the RC1 and you see it on the radio monitor page then you know it’s a radio issue. I’d bet it’s a physical problem in the radio. If your gimbals are potentiometers then they probably need cleaning. Maybe a solder joint or connector is getting dirty and creating a higher than normal resistance value. You probably need to pull that gimbal apart and give it a good cleaning and once over.