Remote control issues after APM 2.6 sbus conversion

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Remote control connection problems after APM 2.6 sbus software
Cannot connect with Devo F12E control, after installing SBUS with atmelflip to APM flight control card, APM.2.6 the transmitter could not be connected, how to fix the problem, what to do.
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Will no longer use PWM in APM?

Replace the obsolete APM Flight Controller with one that runs current Ardupilot. Many to choose from.

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Devo F12E controller
5300 3S lipo battery
930KV motor
4x20 ESC
APM 2.6 Flight card
I collected it as it appears in the picture
I have no soldering knowledge
Flight card with ready-made sockets, what would be your advice?
Which cards have Ardu pilot-like flight plans.
I would be glad if you share your support and information. Best regards!

You should be able to get that kit of parts flying. Assuming you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a Flight Controller a Pixhawk 2.4.8 would be a good choice. You will have to solder/splice some cables though for sure so plan on learning how to solder. It’s pretty much an essential skill for this hobby anyway.

Thank you for the advice. :slight_smile:
PPM encoder will see my work for now, but I have to buy a full autopilot board. I am at the beginning stage. Thank.

If you flashed that Sbus hack to the APM I don’t think PPM will work.

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Pixhawk PX4 PIX 2.4.8 32 Bit uçuş kontrolörü otopilot 4G SD emniyet anahtarı Buzzer PPM I2C için RC dört pervaneli helikopter

Thank you very much for your valuable contribution! I would be grateful if you recommend a list of additional sensors and parts that should have many options to fit your Suggest and order. Best regards!

I bought this set based on your advice. Thank you

That should work for you. I have a couple of those.

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