BIG UPDATES for SIYI HM30 Full HD Transmission System!

Targeting deep industry application fields, relying on wireless high-definition image transmission technology, SIYI has given the HM30 link wireless repeater features.

The “wireless repeater” function is developed for scenarios that cannot be fully covered by the traditional end-to-end paired transmission system. It supports one ground unit to relay transmission to the air unit through another ground unit, achieving up to twice the standard transmission of a single system. The repeater system can bypass obstacles or other obstructions, which can effectively solve the painful needs in tunnel inspection, mountainous drone applications and other fields.
*To use the “dual operator” “Remote Control Relay” “Wireless Repeater” function, you need to purchase a repeater combo. Ordinary combos are not equipped with this function.

Both MK15 and MK32 handheld ground station can repeat signal through the HM30 ground unit in the REPEATER COMBO.

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HM30 Product Page

Links to Repeater Combos


Hello Frank,

The repeater is a nice feature! I have a combo with two HM30s with “dual operator” and “remote control relay”. I bought it before the implementation of the “wireless repeater” function. I was wondering, with a software update, would it be possible to get the wireless repeater?

Hi. I’d like to try it, is there any manual or documentation? I don’t see any mentions on the HM30 downloads page.

Hello @SIYI,

are the two fly more combo support repeater mode?

I tried changing the repeater mode but it cannot be change.