Release Rover-4.4 as stable OK?

I’m thinking about releasing Rover-4.4.0 as the stable stable. Although I think there are still some questions around L1 vs SCurves but I think we need to move forward and try and improve SCurves in subsequent releases.

What’s given me additional confidence recently is that I tested a BlueRobotics BlueBoat which was running 4.2 but then simply upgraded to 4.4 with no additional parameter changes and it worked great.

I’m interested to hear other opinions on this though.

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I upgraded my boogie board from 4.2 to the latest dev version to test the autotune and had zero issues with that update. I am not the best person to give feedback but don’t think it would be a big deal plus it would be nice to try and keep releases even across platforms

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Have you and Leonard resolved the WP radius/timing issue? That’s the only blocker I see. Otherwise, there are a ton of improvements that are otherwise lost by not releasing.

No issues with 4.4 on my rovers.

SCurves and the (related?) WP radius issues would make any waypoint navigation a bit of an issue - I’m hoping to assist with this in the coming months, now that it’s getting warmer outside!

I’d agree that it’s important to keep the rover synchronised with copter/plane releases as much as possible. It’s getting to the point where I’ve got clients running off a master on their vehicles, so they can get the latest features.

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My yard has essentially died in the insane heat wave this summer, so my mowing has been limited to non-existent. I have an upcoming build with electric motors that I hope to use as a contrast to the hydrostatic drives on my primary mower that has become a workhorse test bed for Rover features. I’m eager for the heat to break, too, so I can be a little more productive!


Hi @Yuri_Rage,

Thanks for the reminder on the waypoint radius issue. I have put some time into this and the current status is that I see the same issue in Copter in SITL at least so I’m planning to discuss with @Leonardthall again.

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I think there is still an issue. RCINxScaled works now in 4.4 beta7 but not correct.
When setting in Missionplanner/Setup/Mandatory Hardware/Servo Output:
Function = RCINxScaled then the full Range of PPM works only when the Trim is set to the min Value.
E.g. min= 900 Trim = 900 max = 2100.
When Trim is set to 1500 the min is not reached in the Output.
This means, it does not work as discribed in the Wiki.

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Hi @Lorbass1,

Thanks for the report. If you’ve got a .bin log that would be great but in any case I’ll try and test myself.

Thanks for the reply. Sorry, I forgott you need facts.
Here in the pic to see: 1. With “assymetrical” Trim. 2. With Trim as usual. 3. Again with Trim at min Value

And here the link to the .bin File
(Strange Link-Text, I released the file for everybody)

I’m shure you will find the small bug. :wink: