Relay when d-shot is configured on hexacopter

Hi all,

On a Tarot 690 frame, with copter 3.6 I configured the d-shot following the instructions. It is all working great but I recently got a strobe that I would like to light-up together with the 5v led system on the hexa. The strobe works on 12v so I cannot power it from the led system. I am using a transistor to work as a relay using a 3.3 or 5v signal for switching on but since all my BRD_PWM is used (6) the question is, am I out of relays using dshot? And if yes, please help me in finding a way to switch a pin to 0 and 3.3 or 5v using an RC channel and the remaining main 8 outputs.

Thank you a lot in advance

How about a PWM switch on one of the main outputs?

Could you please instruct me on how to do that one. I know it will work because I connected the signal cable to one of the motor outs and ran a esc calibration and it kicked in on high. But I honestly do not know how to put a pwm out on max and link that action to a channel. I really appreciate your help, thank you.

Sergiu-Let’s say you want to use Main out Chan 8 to the switch and you want to control it from RC Chan 9. Setup a switch on your transmitter for Chan 9 then this parameter:

Then get yourself a switch like the following (there are other sources). Most of these switch On when PWM is >1800us I believe.

Thanks a lot, will try and post outcome :slight_smile: