Relay Output on Orange Cube - need help

Hello everybody,
I have an pixhawk orange cube as arducopter, and I wanted to activate Aux Out 5 as a relay.
I also set the parameters in Mission Planner:
AUX out was set to 54, relay 2
And when I go into the Flight Data menu and want to test the Relay 2 function, nothing happens, only with servo output No.13, there I get a voltage change when clicking, between 0.1 - 0.3 V
How does this relay output work? Is this an open / close contact? Or how should it work this relay output? Do you need an additional relay board?
Where exactly do you have to connect the contacts?
I want to turn a headlight on and off.
Don’t understand the logic behind it.

Thank you for!


your help.

It outputs 3,3V on the Output configured when activated.

you can read this thread…

thanks, but on which pins exactly must be connected to get this 3,3Volt?
See my scheme/pictures with the connectors.

thanks, i know this documentation, but on which pins exactly must be connected to get this 3,3Volt?
See my scheme/pictures with the connectors.
For example: i nedd a relay output on Aux 5, setted as relay 2, and i have setted it so, but it didn´t works.

Do you have an RC input set to Relay 2 to activate it? Aux 5 is 54.

yes i have setted Aux5 with the value 54, but not the rc input, i will try it now.

Well, it needs to be activated… Relay 2 is option 34. Set a Transmitter switch.

thanks, can you tell me which parameter i must change exactly? How it´s named?

If, for example, you want to activate Relay 2 from RC In Chan 9 then RC9_OPTION would be set to 34.

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Which pin i must connect? for example i wanna use the aux 5.
Aux 1 i have connected to 5 V BEC

i´ve setted it to rc13, that must be aux5?
I have measured, here are permanently 3,3 Volt but no reaction when i´m going in my herelink remote control, button configuration an i´m setting the button to relay no. 2, no changes, no reaction.

Post your parameter file. Also realize you need to re-boot (power cycle) the flight controller after making changes to outputs.

260520201904.param (18.6 KB)
i´ve rebooted but, no effect.
i have permanently 3,3 Volt measured on GND and signal pin on aux 5 port, but i cannot intrerupt them.
Thank you very much for your help.

The configuration looks correct for Relay 2 output on Aux 5 from an RC chan 13 input. On Mission planners Radio Calibration Screen does it show Chan 13 changing PWM when you select the switch you programmed? I believe it will turn on >1800 and turn of under that with some dead band. If this doesn’t work try disconnecting the 5V supply to the Output rail and try again.

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