Relay at coordinates

Hello everyone.

I am building a copter for point stakeout, with a Ublox F9P and a Laser pointer aligned just bellow the antenna, it will work in RTK mode with high update rate on the position, still not sure if will send corrections through telemetry or a separate radio or bluetooth (it will be use for short range).

I printed a gimbal, so the antenna and the Laser always be vertical as the copter moves, for now it is leveled by gravity, after test i will decide if adding servos for leveling.

And also i added a manual switch to turn the Laser on/off.

So, i know i know i can use a relay like a MOSFET to turn the Laser on as a camera trigger, but i am not sure if is possible to trigger multiple times at a specific coordinates,

This is my idea, as the drone will have cm level position accuracy and high update rate, i want it to travel to a waypoint and hoover there until i send it to the next point. But, i want that while it hovers over the point, it turns the Laser on, only when it is in the most accurate position (lets say 5 cm from point coordinates, to give a number), and turn off the Laser when accuracy is more than that.

Is it possible to switch on/off the Laser multiple times over the same point as long as the drone hovers over the point?

DO_REPEAT_RELAY may do what you want.

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As i have read, DO_REPEAT_RELAY changes the state of the relay every x seconds (which can be set), but nothing to do with how close it is to a specific point.

At the Waypoint it will activate.