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Reference Frames

I’ve moved and reworked a new section on the wiki called “Reference Frames”.

The purpose of this page is to give advice on building specific frames and provide a parameter file with the tuning parameters required to make those frames work well.

I’ve created a page for my hydrotek, if others would like to contribute info on their frame that would also be welcome. I think we should keep the pages short if possible but they should have these sections:

  • video at the top
  • parts list
  • firmware used
  • parameter file

We could also provide a link to the builder in case people want to follow up with that person. This is optional.


Dear rmackay9,

i would like to add the Tyro109 and Tyro 129 Kits to the reference frames. See also my blog post On a low-cost/mid range FPV Arducopter I can maintain the frame.


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