Redundancy sensor for Pixhawk (external gyro,acc,compass)

Actually i have a pixhawk . my barometer stopped working . so i am thinking , is there any way to connect multiple sensor via i2c port / serial port like external gyro sensor , compass and barometer for redundancy in case one fail then it could use the other one. it could also can be use to get accurate reading which would improve accuracy . If anyone have any idea how to do it please let me know. It would be awesome if anyone could help me out . Thanks.

Hi arzoo,

I used a second MS5611 baro breakout board on my BBBmini a while ago.
Connected to the I2C port i had to tweak the code a little bit until it worked.
I dont remember what exactly was needed to be changed but i remember it were just a few lines in the config.
I abandoned the second baro so cant help much more but it should be possible i think.