Recover Base corrections from a Here+ package in Mission Planner

Hello great community,
I have recently started using the Here+ Base and Rover configuration for a Hexacopter connected to the Pixhawk2 Cube and wanted to use it through Mission Planner. I made all the firmware updates and followed the nice tutorial found here :
The only problem that I’ve encountered is that after I set up the base in Mission Planner and finish the SurveyIn, start the drone, get and RTK fix position and start flying, I would like at the same time to view the corrections that the Base is sending to the Rover.
As far as I understood this can be done using U-center, but unfortunately I cannot connect to both Mission Planner and U-center at the same time as once I connect to Mission Planner, U-center shows a “Cannot connect to this port as it is already is use” message. Is there any way to work around this? Is there a way I could get those corrections in Mission planner maybe?
I aslo want to mention that the reason why I want to get these Base corrections is to use the for further post processing(PPK).
Thank you all for your time and help