Recording Here3 GPS firmware version in logs

I’ve recently upgraded from Here+ GPS units to the newer Here3s, which connect to my Pixhawk via UAVCAN bus. For the Here+s, I always received a couple MSG packets on boot that detailed info about the individual GPS units. Specifically, the hashes in parentheses at the end allowed me to know which firmware was on each GPS unit just from looking at the logs, which was extremely useful for me.

For example:

In this case, the first unit’s hash of db9c89 corresponded to ublox firmware version 1.40, whereas the second unit’s hash of d080e3 corresponded to version 1.30).

With the Here3s, there are no longer any MSG packets that reveal information about the individual units like this. Not sure if this is a bug or intended?

Seems like we can now access this info via the UAVCAN tool in Mission Planner, which is nice. But having it recorded in the logs is still useful for reviewing a history of past flights.

Any insight is appreciated. Thank you!