Recommended Motors, Props & ESCs for TAROT 680PRO Build + PIXHAWK 2.1


I need some ideas on recommended Motors Props & ESCs.

I was looking at the DJI e800 kit. Is it worth it? Does it work well with the PIXHAWK 2.1.

I would love to hear your recommendations.

Thank you

The DJI propulsion kits are excellent. They provide very good efficiency and are cheap and easy to get bits for. There have been some grumblings of late that the newer ESCs are tricky to get working with Ardupilot.

Other than that, you can look at slimline ESCs that fit in the 16mm motor arm tubes, like the Afro 20a Slim ESCs that I use. I wouldn’t say they’re the highest quality or most modern, but they’ve done the job well for me over the years.

Because you’re using large-ish props and motors, then ESC desyncs are always a problem. The most bullet proof, most reliable ESCs seem to be the Hobbywing XRotor multirotor ESCs, like the 40a - these are specifically made for larger lower-kv multirotor motors and don’t have features like active braking (DEO) which can trigger desyncs.
Also their circular ESC/mounts are a great idea for 16mm tubes:

I’m no great expert on motors but the likes of T-motor and KDE are very highly respected. If you can afford to, I would say spend your money on the ESCs and Motors.

Prop-wise I’ve always flown cheap CF props from hobbyking/ebay etc and never had a problem. If you’re lifting heavy/expensive equipment then definitely worth spending the extra on t-motor/kde props, but other than maybe being a bit better balanced out of the box I didn’t notice much difference, for 5-10x the price.

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Agree with everything fnoop says except i wouldn’t touch anything with a DJI sticker but that’s simply personal bigotry…

However, I like getting stuff cheap so bought my motors in a Hobbyking sale.Multistar 4225/610kv.ESCs definitely Hobbywing Xrotor 40A and I mount mine inboard under the PDB.Tarot or DYS 12 or 13 inch CF props finished it off.I get at least 15 minutes from a 10A 4S but I will be trying 6S at some point.On 4S and firmware 3.3.3 it was as stable as a table but has loosened up a bit on later firmwares due to tuning other copters instead of the 680 Pro.Mine runs at 3.2-3.6kg AUW depending on loadout.

You may be pushed for space with the Pixhawk 2.1.It’s a big FC.

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Thanks for your recommendations.

Please explain why you went with 610kv and not lower.

I will be going with the 40a ESCs. Thanks again.

I would like to hear your thoughts on the below ESCs and Motors. I’m still considering the ESC 40a & motor recommended by fnoop & Jagger .




Motors ? Because they were in a flash sale and you are limited to a 13" prop with stock arms.They worked out to be a nice choice for 4S and 12" props.I haven’t even bothered to experiment with it it’s so nice to fly.

You don’t need the Pro ESC.Just the standard one is fine.I have the Pro ESCs on a 960 Tarot with 274kv Multistar Elite motors.Max prop size on that frame is 18" and the motors could use bigger props (or possibly 8S with 18s )

I used bullet connector style ESCs because I bought them that way.Now I’d buy wired version and solder the connections.

Both motors you listed would like to swing 17 or 18 inch props on 6S.and the 680 Pro frame cannot use those porps.I’d use those motors on my big Tarot so you’d need a 960 class frame for them.You could,however,extend the stock arms (i’ve seen it done ).

So 12 -13 inch max props size and go from there.

I should note that I set out to run the 680 Pro on 4S.6S is on the cards as an experiment.

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Thank you for clearing that up and making me more knowledgeable on this subject.

  • Question:
    You say you’re going to test 6S. Will the motors you recommended support 6S? If not what will while still keeping the Props at the max limit for my frame.


I don’t know.That’s why it would be an experiment.

Just when you are looking for motors look for ones that want 12 inch props at whatever voltage you pick.There are a lot of motors out there to choose from.

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I apologize for all the questions. It seems like the Tarot 680 frame seems future proof for years to come. I will go with the recommended ESCs, Motors, & Props to save money. Please let me know once you start your experiments with 6S. Very interested. Thanks for all the knowledge you have supplied me.

I bought those motors because they were on sale well below their normal price.It’s one of my strategies.The other is top notch expensive stuff that will be carrying expensive gear.If I can combine those two strategies I’m always happy.So if I were in the market gain I’d have a good look round at what’s on offer and what the specs are.I try not to buy blind (without test data).But I have found those components to be extrememly good.Just wait for a flash sale.

Have fun.This is mine in action.

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Just watched your video. Wow! the stabilization on your drone is amazing! Thanks again for your advice on the 680 Pro. My frame arrives on Thursday. I will be looking around for flash sales and more research to get the better deals.


Try their octo quad. Very powerful, safe and economical:
Reliable drones