Recommended method to get 5.8 GHz video on mission planner HUD

Hi, I need to setup a system to get FPV video on our mission planner HUD or on a tablet GCS. Aircraft currently has a 5.8 GHz transmitter and FPV camera, with an mRobotics X2.1 autopilot. Is a UVC adapter the way to go? I’d be interested in techniques other than 5.8 GHz as well especially longer range and secure. Thanks in advance for the help.

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You can get longer distances with 1.2 ghz.


You can use this for 5.8 Ghz receiver and and you can see the video inside Mission Planner HUD, running on Windows only. Never loose the CD that comes with it as you will never find the right drivers ever again :wink:

There are 5.8 Ghz solutions in the market that allows you to watch video on a smart phone. Google and u can find many.

For high definition live video inside Mission Planner, its a bit complicated solution and will be very expensive. 1000 plus dollars.

Whats your budget?


Thank you. Any 1.2 GHz systems that you recommend?

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Okay thanks for this. I have come across these solutions, but I was unsure about the quality or whether these approaches are recommended. Good advice on keeping the CD with the EasyCAP. Do you use an external antenna with it?

I don’t necessarily need high definition video in mission planner as nice as it would be. Our budget is more so in the hundreds range with this system. Just something sufficient for navigation and manual control if necessary should do the trick. However, range of 1 km + is necessary, ideally something that could get us out to 3 or 4 km. Just coming to the realization that we’ll need that kind of range actually. Is there something that combines a video link with telemetry and provides these kinds of ranges (e.g. what is the Wingtra team using in the photo below, assuming that is a combination telemetry/video system)?

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The CAP connects to your regular 5.8Ghz receiver. It only converts analog video and allows you to play inside windows. Its not a 5.8 Ghz Receiver.

In the US you need a HAM minimum Tech radio license to go 2 to 3 km. Do you have one? What about Part 107 license.

Don’t fly without a license beyond line of sight and there are many other conditions to be met. You will be fined and may be put in Jail. Its pretty serious so do some homework first.

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Not sure what country you live in. Check your local laws. Above are for US only.

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Thank you, I see now how the EasyCAP works. Might be an easy solution to get started.

Yeah I am Part 107 certified, and realize I will need a HAM license for long range. We are partners with Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems (NIAS) and the FAA test site, so we can work with them for BVLOS missions and testing. Thank you for making an effort to inform people of the legal issues. I should clarify that I am a researcher who has been using COTS drones in projects for some time; however, security concerns have us building a fleet of Ardupilot powered systems. I have a project coming up that will likely require BVLOS to get it done in any sort of efficient way.

That being said, what is a recommended, simple, and lightweight system that could get us video and telemetry out to 2-3 km range? Do you have any idea what the Wingtra folks are using?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Looks like they are using a 5.8Gz receiver mounted at the back of a Samsung tablet.

Do you have this company details or more pictures of their solution?

Also there solution is not showing video. they are running some ground Control software. probably Q Ground Control.

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Right, it does appear to be some version of QGC. I’ve assumed; however, that they must have some sort of video feed for the aircraft, especially with the possible range of up to 10 km, but indeed it says nothing of the sort in the technical specifications. You can see in the specs that they are using 2.4 GHz telemetry. Who manufactures such products? The picture I provided is the best available I can find of the control system. I’m trying to design our overall systems from the ground up following successful commercial systems, therefore the focus on what Wingtra is using.

I guess regardless, once we move past the testing phase using a laptop as GCS, how might one have a system with tablet mounted on transmitter, receiving telemetry and video, that is not super clunky with multiple things plugged in and cables everywhere. We need simple, robust, and field ready systems. Our budgets and security requirements require we assemble these components ourselves.

Tech specs document:

Again, thanks for your help, and wishing you a great weekend.

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For that range 5.8 its Ok, check your country regulations for permitted freq, some countries you need license for use so is more difficult to find 1.2ghz now.
Skydroid radios has integrated video and telem, Im not shure if what you asking for.
choose small camera for drones
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the picture of the transmitter looks like a frsky taranis that looks like a older version. More than likely what they are doing is using the 2.4 for control. The frsky rx transmits telemetry to the transmitters you can use the sbus and sport or fport protocols. So you can use the yaapu Lua script to see all the telemetry on your tx. Research it. There is tons of info in the ardupilot docs.

A easy reliable 5.8 link is either a screen the has a 5.8 rx in it like these

Or some box goggles like these

A great way to get distance is a directional antenna on the rx like trueRc x-air

I have one of these on my eachine cheapo box goggles i think they are vr006 and i have been out 2 miles on 200mw and could have gone further but I always chicken out. I also use frsky r9m lite pro 915mhz for control.

What they are probably doing in the pic above is have a 915mhz or 433mhz telemetry 3dr module hooked to the tablet.
If you want real time telemetry data that you can watch on a tablet or laptop running a ground control software like mission planner so you can watch where you craft is on the map or see the vitals of the bird. You can buy either 433mhz or 915mhz 3dr telemetry modules. You will have one hooked up to the laptop or tablet and the other one on your craft.

Check this page has tons of info

This should help you get startevd in the right direction. Another thing you are goto need is a GPS on the craft like a bn220 or if you need a compass a bn880. They work great. If your building a fleet price it key using a flight controller like a matek($50) f405 wing or ($70) f756 wing work just a good if not better than much more expensive flight controllers. They have integrated osd, current sensors, multiple becs to power everything. Good luck with you project. Pictures are always nice or the crafts.

I should have asked this before writing all this are you using wingtra

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Taranis X9D is fitted with a RFDesigns TXMOD and a RFD900x on the craft. That gives me SBUS/ all the telemetry and a greater range than I need.
For video I am using a Sony A6000 connected via HDMI ribbon to CSI/HDMI bridge on a Raspberry Pi. Then wifi streamed back to Windows os tablet/laptop running Mission Planner. I have a 10 inch windows tablet mounted on the Taranis.
The advantages are using just one system ie Mission Planner. The RFD900 series radios are proven.
Reasonably light weight system for operating in the field. Actually see what the camera is seeing not a FPV camera. All components are replaceable.
Another option is the Open HD project. Still gathering parts for that.

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Hey ausphoto what kind of range do you get with the WiFi video?

Not exactly what you are looking for but worth exploring:

Herelink HD Video Transmission System

It’s in beta and 2.4gh but with an advertised 20km range maybe worth considering.

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