Recommendation on the autotune documentation


your open source project is very great and always thanks for that.

I have recommendation on the autotune documentation(AutoTune — Copter documentation)

the documentation says there are only channel 7,8 option for autotune switch.
(although autotune can be set as flight mode, it has weak position hold so it is not good.)

so I planned to change my arrangement of devices(I’m using channel 7,8,9 for some device for my mission device)
and after turning on mission planner I found that 6,7,8,9,10 is all the possible switch option for autotune.
so I recommend modifying “7,8” to “6,7,8,9,10”

and it is ambiguous that “flight mode autotune” is okay or not.
one part of documentation says “flight mode autotune” have weak position hold and not good.
but some part of documentations says “flight mode autotune” is also way to do autotune.

always thanks for the community and all the coders maintaining this project.
I just recommend this for the beginner who have lacks of knowledge of autotune.

It doesn’t matter how you Enable Auto Tune. How it runs depends on what Flight Mode you switch from. From AltHold it will do only that, from Loiter (forget about PosHold) it will loosely reposition.
That’s it. The former requires manual repositioning the later doesn’t in a large enough area.

in the documentation, you can read this warning :slight_smile:
“A better tune can often be achieved by invoking AutoTune from AltHold as described above instead of from Loiter or PosHold as described below. Using AUTOTUNE flight mode also has this possible disadvantage.”

there is nothing wrong about the documentation except channel “7,8”

but I think the content readability can be improved

Wiki Pull requests are welcome

Oh I was unfamiliar with wiki system. I didn’t know it was like github. I will pull request later. thank you. :slight_smile: