Recommendation for new FC+ESC stack


Is there any recommendation for a fully ardupilot/arducopter supported FC+ESC stack (preferable 30mm), that has all the good features, eg
BLHELI32, OSD, on-board Bluetooth for mavlink, large flash/RAM, simple vtx and dji o3/caddx vista compatible, smartaudio, etc

Thanks in advance for any recommendation.


None. Build a stack with an H7 board and a 4in1, forget about the BT radio (add an external WiFi module) and you will have some choices.

From old days, about 7 to 8 years back when I got a few PixHawks, I was using some external bluetooth little devices, nowadays after some long time of inactivity, I see really a lot of changes, so.please excuse my ignorance,. what is that WiFi module, do you have any link that I could read to?

The ESP8266 modules ESP8266
Dirt cheap and they work well. I use them on some models for setup and calibration.

Thanks for the hint.
Just seen the link you mention and did a little review of the telemetry section, to my surprise I see technologies and boards which I’m familiar with.
:slight_smile: Got a ton of ESP32 boards here and I’m happy with the progress ardupilot telemetry has gone through. Need to read the wiki/docs!

Any reason not to use ESP32 DroneBridge? and stick with MAVESP8266?

Thanks again.