Receiving RC_IN Data using Python Code

Hi, I’m trying to build a rover that works like skid but not completely.
I have a futaba remote and receiver and a ph4 mini.
aiming for 1500 pwm in motors is stop, 1000 full reverse and 2000 is full forward
I am trying so make 2 rc inputs where one is forward/reverse, 2nd is left/right.
I am trying to make it so the left/right joystick makes a difference between the left wheels’ pwm and right wheels pwm to make it spin. it might be a foggy explanation but I hope you understood (managed to do it in arduino and want to upgrade to pixhawk)
so my question is, how do i import the data I receive from the futaba using the a python script?

If I understand what you want to do, it sounds like you want to implement a mixer that mixes forward/reverse and left/right inputs for a skid/differential steering vehicle. Ardurover already does that. Set one servo output to “throttle left”
and another to “throttle right” and ardurover will do the mixing for you. You can use the PILOT_STEER_TYPE parameter to select two paddle input with no mixing or select the reversing behaviour.