Really Struggling with Large quad loiter occilation

12s quad
tarrot 960 frame
tmotor 601s with programmed alpha escs
21 inch props
2 tattu 10a 6s batteries in series
orange plus mounted on gel 4 .75 cm squares
here3+ gps and compass
Autotune has been done
rfd900 txmodv2

Hello all,
Quad is flying pretty good in stabalize small occilations on occasion, auto and loiter start to give more pronounced quick occiclations visible in flight and hover. Im struggling following the wiki when it comes to filtering and reading the logs. It appears to have a issue at 50 hz and thru the harmonics but Im not sure if thats causing this or not. The vibration logs look high but to be honest I feel like reading french trying to navigate the log review. Ive been at this for a few weeks and decided it was time to ask for help. Ive read through a lot of post on the forum in my troublleshooting but I feel like Im chasing my tail. Heres a log with some mixed flying in stabalize and loiter. Whatever log file you could need, I will provide. Thanks in advance!!