Realflight 8 and sitl

good evening from France

I saw that we can link rf8 & mission planner : good news

Can i use any aircraft or is it limited to the model (see below)


You can use almost any aircraft that RF8 supports, or create your own.
The main limitation is that ArduPilot can only control 8 actuarors - so if you have an OctaQuad Quadplane which typically has at least 12 actuators then you can’t control all of them from ArduPilot.
Very few aircraft in RealFlight need more than 8 actuators.
Cheers, Tridge

That sounds great! To what extend do you have to tune the gains for the different models of the same airframe type? Should there be one set of gains that works decently well, say, for all plane models?

Is it still limited to 8 actuators? or is there a way to simulate an Octaplane with RealFlight or X-Plane?

Hi everyone,

i’m trying to connect my SITL (Arduplane) on WSL with RealFlight 8, each one has a different IP@
to do that i pursuited this tutorial
i completed the first step of Enabling RealFlight Link Feature & the 8.00.055 is activated
BUT i’m stack to connect RealFlight 8 with SITL, when i try to launch the simulator (knowing that RealFlight is lanched in another machine under the IP@

cd ~/ardupilot/ArduPlane
sim_vehicle -f flightaxis: –console

i get this ERROR

WARNING: no config for frame (flightaxis:

Any Help !