ReadyToSky escs beep immediately after plugging in power

I have an issue where I plug the battery into my craft and the escs constantly beep. Typically, because this is a fresh build and new speed controllers, I use mission planner to calibrate them. Unfortunately, I am unable to get that far. The flight controller boots normally, but the escs continue to beep, even when they arent plugged into the pix! I tried manually calibrating but the escs just dont wont. Any ideas?

Readytosky 30a esc
Pixhawk flight controller on newest firmware
Tarot 360kv motors

Usually ESCs continuously beep when PWM is higher than lowest PWM to finish boot. This should stop after you have setup your channel mapping correctly and you have calibrated Radio. Post a video if it still doesn’t work after trying above.

Yes I’ve calibrated receiver, compass and accel. I know what you’re referring to, but they keep whether or not the rc is plugged in, and even when the signal wires are unplugged…

Ok I did that, again, and 2 if the 4 motors stopped beeping as they should. I did find one connection undone so now I’m up to 3 motors working. The forth (#2) has changed its beep.

Are you running DSHOT?

No, just regular pwm

Why are you using AUX ports? If you really want to use AUX, have you changed servon_fuction parameters to 33,34,35,36?

Yes I tried both ways in hope that the pix was the culprit. Nope. And its just the one motor