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Ready (or Almost) to use rover

(Loic Chappaz) #1

Hi Hi!

I have just started experimenting with ArduPilot on the Copter side of things, for autonomous fleets of UAVs and want to expand autonomous missions to ground assets. Sadly, it will be challenging for me to spend proper time building a rover right now as it is a work related project and other more boring things also occupy my schedule…
And so, does anyone knows of “ready-to-use” UGV with ArduPilot hardware? Or a build/ kit that might/should be straightforward :slight_smile: Without breaking the bank…

On the copter side, I have bought a few Sky Viper’s and they are great for my purpose, was hoping to find an equivalent on the ground side of things but my frantic Googling hasn’t yielded much…

Cheers and thanks for any input!

(Peter Hall) #2
(Loic Chappaz) #3

Aye – I did find this little guy and it looks awesome!
However – it qualifies as breaking the bank at the moment hahaha (The Ardupilot version is $1300), well at least until I can make the case for a proper investment in this project, especially because I would ideally want to buy a couple at least to experiment with coordinated operations…

Still, tempting… and thanks for the input!

(Dave) #4

You could do what I did and buy a ~$200 RC Crawler and add a Flight Controller and accessory hardware. I used a PixRacer I had but there are several other good affordable choices.

(Loic Chappaz) #5

Aye – that seems to be the way people go about it.
What chassis did you go with ?

(Dave) #6

A Redcat Racing Everest Gen 7. It works really well. I 1st tried a 4wd dirt racer style truck but even geared down it was too fast and cogging at low speed was a problem.

(Loic Chappaz) #7

gotcha, thanks. And yes, that makes sense.