Reading raw ADC with Mavlink

Hello, how I can see there is mavlink message with raw adc output #153

I added it to the status tab in MP, but all I see is 0-s.
I connected DC Power Supply to ADC1 on pixhawk 1. And manually switch 2,5-3 V. I tried to add it as source of analog sonar range, and I can see that sonarrange and sonarvolt changes accordingly.

I tried to connect via nsh console, and run “adc” to see raw adc output, nothing happens.

So is it possible to see raw out or not, if yes how I can enable it?
Thanks in advance, Nikita.

WIth the help of that topic Pixhawk read analog source ADC 6.6V
Did it myself, also used custom message since AP_ADC msg sends only integer values.