Reading Mission Flightplan Log files Pixhawk

Hi experts good day! Needing your help please on reading the log files for my flight, I did a Mission Flight a while ago in loiter mode. Im not sure which file it is, upon take off GPS is not accurate. Please help if theres a problem with my drone.


file with β€œ00000030.BIN” name was a mission fight
and it seems that there is no problem with your drone
can you explain a little bit more if you feel any issue with your drone ?

and note that you are using Nuttx and its deprecated its better to use ChibiOS

Im so sorry sir @hosein_gh, i didnt know im using Nuttx until yu said so. I dont even know what it is.

The problem when I fly my drone when I created a mission flight using mission maker via telemetry and click auto, the GPS is in accurate I think. The arrow is not on the same position as the letter β€œH”. It didnt perform the mission I created, it flown up into the sky and I was afraid it will crash on the wall thats why I immediately control it using the radio transmitter.

your gps status was ok i think you need learn more about making missions

I just draw the waypoints on the editor, right? Will it matter that my drone has a fence which is magnetic? I mean metal? It covers my Pixhawk and the GPS is position above it

Thank you Sir, I will watch this video tomorrow and try again. What would I do without this forum :slight_smile:. Really appreciate all the help. Thank you so much.

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